Margaret Marchuk

Director of Corporate Support

Margaret Marchuk joined WUWF in 2013 as Director of Corporate Support. While new to the station and also transplanted to the state of Florida, she has years of experience in public radio beginning in 1998 in Asheville, NC, as Underwriting Director. Prior to joining public radio, Margaret worked as a writer, consultant and project manager for various size companies in NY, NJ and NC with their public relations and marketing projects.  She brings that expertise to her current position as she helps businesses gain the visibility they seek with the right audience. It’s hard to tell when she is not working since she enjoys what she does…exploring the area, new businesses and meeting new people!

We appreciate your interest in becoming a Sponsor/Underwriter and getting your message on WUWF where you can target a passionate, engaged audience. The public radio audience is highly educated, affluent, well-traveled and influential.  Listeners not only have an interest in cultural affairs, politics and community events but tend to actively participate in such as well.   WUWF ranks #1 among college graduates in our total survey area.

Audio Clips

May 28, 2015

Morning Edition 

Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me: with guest, Trombone Shorty.

This American Life: "They convert garbage into energy."

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  TED Radio Hour: Diane Nyad

  TED Radio Hour Promo

Marketplace: Leaders

  Marketplace: Dollar Bills

Science Friday with Ira Flatow

Fresh Air with Terry Gross: Space