Day Sponsor Messages

Day sponsor messages air five times on the day of your choice and are a great way to wish someone happy birthday or anniversary, promote your business or announce a special event for your favorite non-profit.  

The message is read live by the on-air announcer and is approximately 20 seconds in length and no more than fifty words.  Day sponsor messages must follow FCC guidelines for public radio.  

To reserve the date or for assistance creating your message, call Trish Allison at 473-7433 or email  


"Support for WUWF comes from today's day sponsor, who would like to wish Audrey a happy 12th birthday today.  Love, mom and dad."

"Support for WUWF comes from today’s day sponsor, Brenda Foreman with Standard Poodle Rescue, a local organization that finds homes for Standard Poodles in unfortunate circumstances.  Information is available online at standard poodle rescue dot net."

"Support for WUWF comes from today’s day sponsor, Mark and Meredith McCarthy, celebrating their wedding anniversary today."

"Support for WUWF comes from today's day sponsor, Ashley Ribando, President & Creative Director of LavaPop Marketing,  Ashley & LavaPop are "Constant Contact" authorized, and provide internet marketing solutions for social media and email marketing.  Information is available online at lava pop dot net.  ("

Day sponsor messages are available with pledges of $180 or more.