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Pensacola Sends Plank-owner Plaques, Well-Wishes To Tripoli Crew

The future USS Tripoli will be placed into active service during a brief administrative commissioning Wednesday in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Even though the ship will not be getting the grand Pensacola ceremony that had been planned for later this month, the push is on to ensure crewmembers get a special memento in honor of the occasion. “We had the coins in separate boxes. We had the plaques and the name tags in separate boxes,” said Harry White, a member of the Pensacola Commissioning...

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City of Pensacola

Urging residents to put on a face mask to protect against coronavirus took up a good part of Mayor Grover Robinson’s weekly virtual news conference on Monday.

“If there wasn’t an election going on, I don’t think we would have any problems with masks,” said Robinson. “The science clearly shows we should be wearing masks, and it’s unfortunate that, for some reason, we’ve got to make this a debatable situation.”

Hong Kong Disneyland will temporarily close its doors on Wednesday due to a spike in coronavirus cases within the city.

The amusement park's announcement came on Monday, the same day that Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced several measures to stop the spread of the virus. According to a report from Bloomberg, the new measures include closure of gyms, amusement parks,and other types of venues for a week.

They fume and rage and demand their rights. Sometimes they even get violent.

In the age of COVID-19, most people practice social-distancing guidelines when they go into stores and restaurants, putting on masks and standing 6 feet behind other customers.

Still, there are the nightmare customers — those who refuse to comply.

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Australia is seeing a new surge in coronavirus cases.

The chief health officer for Victoria state, where the city of Melbourne is located, announced 270 new cases on Tuesday, following an increase of 177 on Monday.

Brett Sutton said 28 of the new cases had been linked to a known outbreak, but that the rest were still being investigated.

Gov. Ron DeSantis provided an update on Florida’s coronavirus siege in Miami on Monday, and did not escape the wrath of an in-person protester. And, Pensacola-area residents now have a new source for local COVID-19 numbers.

The governor had just begun his remarks, when a protester confronted him from where the media was positioned.

“You are doing nothing; you are misleading the public,” said the unidentified man talking over the governor. “Over 4,000 people have died, and you guys have no plan and you are doing nothing.”

With coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continuing their rise in California, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Monday he is reimposing restrictions on many indoor businesses statewide, effective immediately.

Restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums and card rooms must suspend their indoor operations, and bars must close altogether.

Florida is breaking records in its explosion of coronavirus cases. On Sunday, the state reported 15,299 new resident cases from the day before, a jump larger than any seen before in a single U.S. state.