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"Woman of Courage" Marini De Livera Driven To Protect Women And Children In Sri Lanka

Marini de Livera is a human rights lawyer and activist from Sri Lanka, who was honored as one of ten 2019 International Women of Courage by the U.S. Department of State . After the ceremony on March 7 in Washington, D. C., de Livera spent several days in Pensacola as a guest of the Gulf Coast Citizen Diplomacy Council . During her visit, she stopped by the WUWF studios to talk about her work on behalf of women and children. First of all, de Livera says her selection as an International Woman...

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Spring football practice kicked off this week at the University of West Florida, with 97 players suiting up to get ready for the program’s fourth season.

Fourteen workouts over a four week period are being held at Pen Air Field on campus, with the Blue-Green Spring Game set for Thursday evening, April 18 at 6:30 p.m. The practices are open to the public. Head Coach Pete Shinnick says spring is a time to answer some questions and tinker a bit.

A British petition to cancel Brexit and remain in the European Union is drawing too much support for the U.K. government's website to handle, with the petition site crashing repeatedly on Thursday. More than 1 million people have signed the petition to revoke the triggering of Article 50 — blowing past the 100,000 signatures needed to compel a debate in Parliament. The article is the EU treaty's exit clause.

New Yorker journalist Ed Caesar discusses Arron Banks, the British businessman who funded the most extreme end of the pro-Brexit "Leave" campaign — possibly with help from Russia.

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Sandra Averhart / WUWF Public Media

Marini de Livera is a human rights lawyer and activist from Sri Lanka, who was honored as one of ten 2019 International Women of Courage by the U.S. Department of State.

Thousands of people remain stranded in floodwaters in the wake of Cyclone Idai, which struck the coast of Mozambique and swept through Zimbabwe last week.

Mozambique's Land and Environment Minister Celso Correia told reporters that 15,000 people are still stranded. But as rescue workers struggle to gain access to regions largely choked off by the flooding, the death toll is expected to rise sharply.

Precision medicine promises to tailor the diagnosis and treatment of disease to your unique genetic makeup. A doctor may use the presence of certain genetic markers to diagnose a disease, or choose one drug for treatment over another.

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An amusement boat has sunk in the Tigris River, killing dozens of people in Iraq who were celebrating Nowruz, a joyous holiday marking the new year at the start of spring.

Video footage showed scores of people being carried away in the water's fast current as onlookers shout from a nearby theme park.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan is under investigation by the Pentagon's Office of Inspector General because of allegations he improperly advocated on behalf of his former employer, Boeing Co.

Why #ThisIsMyHustle Is Trending In Nigeria

4 hours ago

A hashtag called #ThisIsMyHustle started trending in Nigeria in mid-March after Sadiq Abubakar, 30, a small business owner from Abuja, organized a Twitter chat for his entrepreneur friends.

"I said, 'Let's do a hashtag and let the world know what we do," he says. "Young Nigerians are very determined to succeed. What we hear about young Nigerian people is that we are lazy. But we are hardworking. We want to make it."


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