Gulf Coast Citizen Diplomacy Council

Sandra Averhart / WUWF Public Media

Marini de Livera is a human rights lawyer and activist from Sri Lanka, who was honored as one of ten 2019 International Women of Courage by the U.S. Department of State.

Jennie McKeon / WUWF Public Media

Since 2008, the Gulf Coast Citizen Diplomacy Council, a program of the U.S. Department of State, has brought a steady flow of international visitors to Pensacola.  A recent delegation has included a contingent of 15 women journalists from Pakistan.

While in Pensacola, the group visited the studios of WUWF Public Media.

Sandra Averhart / WUWF Public Media

Humanitarian and activist Dr. Feride Rushiti from Kosovo is visiting Pensacola this week, hosted by the Gulf Coast Citizen Diplomacy Council.

Dr. Rushiti is one of ten women to receive the U.S. State Department’s International Women of Courage Award.

In Washington D.C. Friday, First Lady Melania Trump delivered special remarks at a ceremony in their honor.

Dave Dunwoody, WUWF Public Media

Fourteen high school students from Mexico are visiting the Pensacola area, part of the youth group Jovenes en Accion, Youth in Action. 

At UWF last week, they took part in a roundtable discussion concerning gender, ethnic, and social discrimination at their schools and in the surrounding communities. 

U.S. Department of State

An internationally recognized women’s rights advocate from Pakistan has spent the past few days in the Pensacola area and was the featured speaker Tuesday for the Third Annual International Women’s Day Celebration.  

Before coming to Pensacola, Tabassum Adnan was in Washington, D. C., one of ten women honored as recipients of the U.S. State Department 2015 International Women of Courage Award.