Joe Vincenza

Director, Content & Operations

Joe Vincenza has been working in public radio since 1984, doing any number of jobs at a variety of stations around the country.  As Program Director at WUWF, a position he's held since arriving in Pensacola in 2000, his job now focuses on making sure the station sounds as good as it can, both in content and in technical quality.  He's also the guy listeners should talk to when there is something they don't like, or something they do.   

Ways to Connect

It’s the holidays, and that means lots of shopping, planning, preparing and general good will towards our fellow human beings.  That goodwill can come in the form of a smile at the checkout, or it can be something much more substantial, valuable & often necessary.

In this season of commercial consumerism, it's easy to forget that there are many in need in our community.  Luckily there are organizations and people here to help people like Roslyn Guyette.

Mark Hainds

The documentary film “La Frontera” chronicles Mark Hainds 2014 extraordinary journey alone, and on foot, along the Mexico American border.  Joe Vincenza tells us more about the movie, and the man.

The Mexico America border has been of particular attention lately, as an issue in the 2016 presidential election.  But for Mark Hainds, the subject of the documentary film “La Frontera”, his fascination with the border began long before the election.