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'Relationship Fundraising' Workshop Set For This Weekend

Institute for Women Politics


   "There are two things that are important in politics. the first is money and I just can't remember the second." That’s Nancy Bocskor with a quote from Senator James Hanna made back in 1895. Bocskor is a political fundraising consultant who will be in Pensacola this weekend to give a presentation on Relationship Fundraising. "Too many people think you're going to be able to text and tweet your way to millions. They want to take that personal contact out of it. Because, fund raising can be hard. People may say 'No!'. And I'm going to teach (people who attend the workshop) that if you want to raise money, gain volunteers and ultimately gain voters, you're going to have to ask people which means having a conversation."

The Relationship Fundraising workshop will be held this Saturday, September 19, at 8 a.m. at the Studer Group Training Facility at Maritime Park. It’s put on by the Institute for Women in Politics of Northwest Florida. Amy Miller, the Chair of the institute’s Education Committee says, "each year the Institute for Women in Politics does at least one workshop that's geared primarily for folks that are running for elected office or folks that might be thinking about someday running for elected office but perhaps haven't quite made up their mind yet. But we also want a conference topic that relates to a cross section of the community in general in order to draw attendance. So relationship fund raising is one of those topics. It applies to someone who is currently running for political office , obviously they have to raise money for their campaigns. But it also applies to folks who are involved in all kinds of non-profits. from very very small non-profits; maybe a small boy or girl scout troop; to a very large, well known non-profit in the local community. They all have to raise money, and the best way to raise money is through your existing relationships." Miller says this workshop will help convert those people from interested, to passionate, to cash donors. 

Miller says with the presidential campaigns starting to heat up politics is getting a lot of attention around the region. That means the state and local races will also demand more time and that means more money. She says this is the right time of year to have the workshop. "To get to those folks early in the election cycle. but, again, Fall is also a big time for entertaining here in the South. the weather is getting a little cooler and that means all of the non-profits are doing their fall fund raising initiative as well so this timing works for them, too."

And no matter what the time of year or season one of the biggest drawbacks to fund raising is rejection. Apparently we humans don’t like to be told no. Nancy Bocskor says, get over it. "Just because somebody tells you 'no' today it doesn't mean that it means 'no' tomorrow." She says there may be circumstances that need to be taken care of before you can get a positive response. "So unless somebody tells you 'I am voting for your opponent. Go away!' Don't write people off."

Bocskor will be bringing her message of Relationship Fundraising to Pensacola this weekend and Amy Miller says her group is thrilled. "It's really exciting to have someone of Nancy's stature and Nancy's reputation  on a national and international platform to come to Pensacola and teach our local politicians, potential candidates and non-profits how to raise money."

The Institute for Women in Politics of Northwest Florida’s Relationship Fundraising workshop is set to go this Saturday morning at 8. Registration is available at the door. 

Bob Barrett has been a radio broadcaster since the mid 1970s and has worked at stations from northern New York to south Florida and, oddly, has been able to make a living that way. He began work in public radio in 2001. Over the years he has produced nationally syndicated programs such as The Environment Show and The Health Show for Northeast Public Radio's National Productions.
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