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Mustaqeem De Gama brought a proposal sponsored by South Africa and India to the World Trade Organization last month that he thinks will speed up access to life-saving, COVID-19 drugs.

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Political and business leaders in Colombia’s capital have been trying to build a metro system in Bogotá — on-and-off — for the past 80 years.

So when Mayor Claudia López finally presided over the official start for construction of the system’s first station last month, she led a ceremony that was rich in symbolism.

Next US president faces uphill battle to rebuild CDC relationship with WHO

Nov 5, 2020

For decades, the United States has taken the lead on global efforts to contain disease outbreaks, from polio to influenza. But during the coronavirus pandemic — and during the Trump administration generally — the US has become a nation divided on science and public health.

Meanwhile, the second wave of COVID-19 infections in the US has deepened fears that hospitals may be unprepared and that winter will stretch the medical system's resources.

Why is Arizona trending blue? Ask Latinos and immigrants who live there.

Nov 4, 2020

The state of Arizona has likely “flipped” into the blue column as of Wednesday afternoon, according to many indicators. Fox News was the first to call Arizona for Democratic candidate Joe Biden, followed by the Associated Press. But votes are still being counted, and many news organizations have not yet called the state for either candidate. 

Arizona hasn’t thrown its weight behind a Democratic presidential contender since 1996. If the state has indeed flipped, much of the credit goes to immigrant rights groups who laid the groundwork through years of organizing. 

These days, it seems like Afghans barely have time to mourn.

All over the country, families get news of loved ones killed in violent attacks. 

They weep. Bury the dead. And repeat.

Under US law, Congress must consult with Israel on any Middle East weapons sales. That’s because Washington is committed to maintaining Israel’s "qualitative military edge." 

In 2019, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government revoked the autonomy of the contested region of Kashmir, and issued a controversial law that could effectively strip Indian citizenship from millions of Muslims.

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Tanzanian presidential candidate Tundu Lissu has been released from jail after police briefly arrested and interrogated him, he told The World on Monday.

Many moons ago, the one Latino candidate to join the presidential race on the Democratic side was the former housing secretary during the Obama administration. But Julián Castro dropped out from the crowded primary race in January before embracing Sen. Elizabeth Warren. 

“It wasn’t our time. ... Ganaremos un día.” One day we’ll win, he told supporters in a video message at the outset of 2020.

When Golden Dawn members attacked or harassed migrants and asylum-seekers in the Athens area — a common occurrence during the party’s ascent and eventual entry into Greek mainstream politics — Naim Elghandour would get a call.

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“What’s not to love about chocolate?” actor Idris Elba asks in a video that circulated on social media last month by the Dutch ethically sourced chocolate brand, Tony’s Chocolonely.

Grilling this Labor Day? Ditch the wire brush.

Oct 29, 2020

There’s still a little summer left to get out in the backyard and grill.

And there’s nothing like grilling burgers, kabob, or veggie burgers — if that’s your thing.

But you might want to pay attention to a warning coming from some Canadian doctors.

They’re urging backyard cooks to throw out those wire-bristled barbecue brushes. This is because the thin, sharp wires can come loose from the brushes, stick to the grill and then cling to food. If you swallow one of those bristles, it can be painful and very difficult to remove, sometimes even requiring surgery.