Thanks For Lower Gas Prices

Nov 14, 2013

Your holiday road trip will cost a bit less this year.  Anyone who has filled up a gas tank over the past couple of weeks has noticed that the price per gallon of gas has been going down slowly but surely.  And it looks like that trend will continue over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday weekend, with prices at the pump about 25 cents less per gallon than last year.  Jessica Brady, a spokesperson for AAA says gas prices hit their high point for the year in the late spring and have been coming down ever since.  Brady says we're doing better this year than last.
There are many factors that go into the prices of a gallon of gas...and many of those things have fallen in our favor recently...not the least of which was our quiet hurricane season in the Gulf.
The situation in the middle east may become less and less a factor in the price of gas as US oil production continues to rise.