Our Top 20 Stories

Jan 2, 2020

It's a new year with plenty of news ahead, but we're going to look back for just a minute at the stories that you found compelling in 2019.

We didn't choose these top stories, you — our listeners and readers — did based on website analytics. We look forward to serving you more stories in 2020.

September 19, 1559: A Hurricane That Changed History

On the 460th anniversary of the hurricane that destroyed a fleet of Spanish colonial ships, readers circled back to this 2017 story. 


UWF Researcher Discovers South Florida Cancer Cluster

A co-authored study from Dr. Raid Amin, along with UWF alumni Bridget Fritsch and John Retzloff, Director of Internal Medicine Residency at Sacred Heart Hospital, about breast cancer incidences and mortality in U.S. counties in the 48 contiguous states was released in 2019. 


New Exhibit Highlights African American Soldiers Of The Civil War

A new exhibit at Gulf Islands National Seashore’s Fort Pickens Discovery Center highlights 17 members of the 25th USCT, who served in the Pensacola Bay area, defending Fort Barrancas from April to August in 1864.


UWF Professor, Students Test For Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Local Waters

After two reported cases of the flesh-eating bacteria known as vibrio vulnificus along Florida’s Gulf Coast, there was a heightened awareness about the possibility of infections.


Bay Bridge Opening Delayed One Week

From naming the Pensacola Bay Bridge to the changing traffic patterns, readers were anxious to stay updated on the $400 million replacement bridge. 


Organizations Partner To Offer Free Medical Screenings


Archaeologist Unveils Mosaic Art Hidden In Ancient Israel Synagogue


Pensacola Prepares To Host USS Tripoli Commissioning Ceremony

Be sure to check out Sandra Averhart's three-part series on the new ship. 


Mike Huckabee Files "Tweet" Complaint Against Walton County Attorney


The Story Behind 'Dear Prudence'

Prudence Farrow Bruns was a guest at the WUWF Book Club this past year. 


Scammers Now Targeting Equifax Settlement Efforts


More Than A Job: The Struggles Of Finding Employment For People With Disabilities


Vaping Ban in Florida Takes Effect July 1


The Story of David Fagen: Turncoat Hero Featured For Black History Month


Gallery Night Monthly Themes Set For 2019


Port of Pensacola 3: Blue Origin

Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the series as well. 


Pensacola Bay Ferry Service Looks to 2020


'Blue Tarps' Doc Shows The Aftermath of Hurricane Michael


New Law Seeks to Curb Human Trafficking


Triumph Agreement To Fund Crestview Bypass