No "Festival On The Green" At UWF This Year

Apr 15, 2015

A spring time tradition on the University of West Florida campus is being given a break this year. The "Festival on the Green", a two day event  which is usually in late March or early April, has been put on hiatus by the university.

2013 Festival on the Green at UWF
Credit University of West Florida

Dr. Brendan Kelly, Vice President for University Advancement at the UWF says the festival may return as the university reevaluates all of its community activities.

Dr. Kelly says that some activities and traditions at a university are constantly shifting while some remain for years. An example is the annual production of A Christmas Carol that has become a holiday tradition at UWF. "Will that be the case in 50 years? I don't know".

Compared to when the first Festival on the Green was held on the UWF campus, there are many more activities competing for people’s time. "In 1982, when it started, there wasn't a lot going on, neither in  Pensacola or at the University of West Florida. But now, every single day, this campus is brimming with (activities)."

Dr. Kelly says that over the next couple of years, UWF will be preparing and coordinating a lot of activities as it approaches the 50th anniversary of the university in 2017. But, at least for this year, the Festival on the Green will not be on that roster of campus events.