90Works Gets 10 Grand From MiLB

Jul 8, 2014

If Cate Jordon wasn't a Blue Wahoos fan before, she sure is now. Jordon is the Executive Director of the local non-profit organization 90Works. Earlier this month, the Blue Wahoos announced that 90Works was chosen to receive a 10 thousand dollar donation from Minor League Charities.

90Works Executive Director Cate Jordon accepts a check for 10,000 dollars from Minor League Baseball Charities and the Pensacola Blue Wahoos for flood relief efforts.
Credit Rachel Reust / 90Works

The money is to help people who suffered losses in April's floods.  Jonathon Griffith, Executive Vice President of the Blue Wahoos says Minor League Charities contacted the team even before the rains had stopped to see how they could help the region. Once they found out the team and their people were alright, the $10,000 offer was made.  Minor League Charities left the choice of who gets the money up to the team, and Jonathon Griffith says the Blue Wahoos felt the choice should go to their fans.

During the month of June, fans at Blue Wahoos games were asked to vote on which non-profit they felt should get the donation. Cate Jordon says 90Works' Chief Financial Officer, who is a season ticket holder, told her about the competition after a game.  It was Griffith who broke the news to Cate Jordon that 90Works was getting the money after a presentation to the Rotary Club.

Jordon was presented the check on July 4th at Bayfront Stadium before the fireworks show. She says 90Works will use the money to help people affect by the floods using the 90Works model of making a client sustainable in 90 days. To find out if you qualify for help you can call 855-90 works or go to 90 works dot org.