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Dosev Seeks GOP Nomination In District 1

Dave Dunwoody, WUWF Public Media

Cris Dosev is 54, a Florida Gator, and served as a Marine Corps aviator during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Next he wants to succeed retiring Congressman Jeff Miller.

He’s spent the last 22 years developing commercial and residential real estate in his native Chicago and his adopted hometown of Pensacola.  

According to published reports, which Dosev has confirmed, he has three main issues. First up, national security.

“You look at some other things,” said Dosev, “say in the Middle East where we find ourselves not being able to impress upon our adversaries our ability to project power. What it does is also provide a lack of confidence on the part of our allies.”

Issue number two is, as Dosev puts it, the “rule of law,” especially when it’s applied to illegal immigration and the border between the U.S. and Mexico. He says it’s more than just building a wall.

“We need to first enforce the laws that we have on the books; we don’t need new legislation,” Dosev said. “And we need to start dis-incentivizing cities from creating these ‘sanctuary city’ havens for these people.”

A sanctuary city is one that has policies against prosecuting undocumented persons. There are 18 such cities in the U.S., including New York, Washington, D.C., Miami, Houston, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Dosev’s third issue is adhering to Constitutional rights in general, and the first and second amendments in particular.

“The second Amendment calls for militia and the right to bear arms,” said Dosev. “Fundamentally, if you find the nation in a situation where you are being imposed upon by a tyrannical government, the people have the right, because they have the right to bear arms, to take care of things. In essence, put things into their own hands.”

The second amendment and the first, which guarantees freedom of the press, religion, speech, peaceful assembly, and the right to petition the government in Dosev’s eyes are, along with the others, God-given rights.

“When people don’t respect the fact that they are God-given rights, for whatever reason say, ‘There is no God,’ or ‘I don’t believe in God,’ what they’re replying is that these are state-given rights,” said Dosev. “If the state’s given them, the state can just as easily take them away. That’s problematic.”

Other issues Dosev would tackle if elected include helping small business through providing relief from government overregulation.

Two other Republican candidates for the 1st Congressional District seat, Gary Fairchild and Brian Frazier, did not respond to numerous requests for interviews.