Councilwoman Myers: Let's See Pitt Slip Leases

Dec 9, 2013

Credit City of Pensacola

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers Monday called for more details, in the dispute involving claims that royalties and interest are owed by two restaurants housed on city property.

Myers presented the request in the form of a discussion item during the Council’s agenda review session. She wanted an update on the leases involving the property known as Pitt Slip Marina – on which operate the Fish House and Atlas Oyster Bar.

Those leases are between Merrill Land LLC – which operates the eateries – and Seville Harbor Incorporated, which originally leased the property from the city in 1987.

After the reading, it was Myers who made the motion to place this on the agenda for Thursday’s regular meeting. It died for lack of a second. Myers pressed on, asking Messer for an update. But he told her and the rest of the Council that a private law firm, Beggs and Lane – and not his office -- is handling the case for the city.

The city claims that more than five million dollars is due – based on a percentage of sales plus interest over the past 13 years. That’s said to be roughly one year’s worth of revenues for Atlas and the Fish House.

Owner Collier Merrill contends that the dispute is hurting his business, and has sent a letter to the City of Pensacola, claiming it would be liable for such damages.

Talks between the sides on a possible resolution began on Monday, and an announcement could come on Tuesday.