St. Michael's Cemetery

University of West Florida

One of the ways Pensacola’s cultural heritage is celebrated is through the individual people who lived here generations ago.

A recent event highlighted the city’s culinary history through the lives of four unique and diverse women who made Pensacola their home in the early 1800’s.

We’re getting to know Victoire Le Sassier, Marianna Bonifay, Dorothy Walton, and Genevieve Ham. Their stories were featured during the 2018 Pensacola Repast event held May 6, downtown. 

Photo via Flickr//Visit Florida Colin Hackley

  St. Michael’s Cemetery in downtown Pensacola is the target of yet another round of vandalism.

This is the seventh case of vandalism or accidental damage to gravestones in the past 15 years. Ross Pristera, President of the St. Michael's Cemetery Foundation, says the markers are in the northwest section, and were damaged over the past few weeks.

“We had about nine headstones, the earliest dating from 1879 and the latest from 1903,” said Pristera. “Some prominent families' markers were some that were damaged.”