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Have you or someone you know been infected by the coronavirus? Are you sure?

“I’m not getting any medical care because there’s nothing that they can do for me,” said Cheryl Sackman. She is over 65, has tested positive for the coronavirus, and, well, she feels fine.

In fact, the only reason Sackman even got a test for the virus was to satisfy her mother.

One of the biggest names coming to Pensacon this weekend is just in it for the laughs. WUWF’s Bob Barrett has more.

Young Alfred Yankovic had his first accordion lesson at age 6. No one really knew at the time that it was a life-changing event.

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One of the guests returning to Pensacon this weekend is the great-grand nephew of an author who created one of the most notorious and enduring characters in literature: Count Dracula. 

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Pensacon has become one of the largest annual events held in Northwest Florida. A huge factor in its success is the thousands of hours put in by hundreds of volunteers. The Pensacola Little Theater was just about filled on a Sunday evening in January as Pensacon held its annual volunteer training and orientation.  From the stage, Cheryl Sackman addressed the crowd. “Pensacon has a reputation for Southern hospitality. It’s something that brings many of our guests back year after year. And that’s because of you. "

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Passengers flying in and out of Pensacola can once again reach for the stars.

“I am here to announce that this is the Pensacola Intergalactic Airport, and we are looking for all kinds of travelers from all kinds of places,” said Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson. He spoke before a crowd of a few dozen reporters, officials and oddly dressed creatures as he made the annual announcement changing the airport from international to intergalactic.

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Pensacon returns to town later this month and thousands of convention goers will be gathering in venues all over town to see their favorite celebrities. But the people with the famous names and faces won't be the only ones up on stage. Every panel also has a moderator who will be walking a fine line between keeping things moving and staying out of the way.

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Travelers to and from Pensacola will once again be boldly flying through an intergalactic travel hub. "We're not just on the map, I think we're going to be on the intergalactic map after this" said Pensacola City Administrator Eric Olson speaking at a Tuesday morning ceremony renaming the Pensacola International Airport, Pensacola Intergalactic Airport.

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Beginning in 1974, Henry Winkler became a household name starring as Arthur Fonzarelli for 11 seasons on the TV show Happy Days. Now he’s getting ready to spend three days in Pensacola at Pensacon 2017.  The day it was announced that Henry Winkler was coming to Pensacon was one of the biggest ticket sales days for the event ever. The 71 year old actor, producer, and author said he does just a few conventions a year to stay in touch with his fans.  He says when fans meet him they mostly just want a hug.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Starships and zombies are targeting northwest Florida in February as plans for Pensacon 2017 continue to take shape. 

Many people come to Pensacon for the celebrity guests. Others for the artists and merchandise. And most for the opportunity to spend a weekend with people who share the same likes and passions and lifestyle. "It is a lot of work but it doesn't feel like work" said  Pensacon Chairman Mike Ensley. "When you do something that you really, really enjoy it's never a job."

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Summer is on the way and so are more festival scams. The Better Business Bureau says would-be festival goers are being tempted to buy tickets which are either fake or for a bogus event.

Here’s how such a scam could work: you see a great deal on tickets to a summer festival in your city, usually through a social media link.

"February 17 through 19, 2017 Pensacon will return to downtown Pensacola at the Pensacola Bay Center, the Crowne Plaza Grand Hotel, the Rex Theater, the Saenger Theater and, added this year, the Pensacola Little Theater as well." - Mike Ensley, Founder and Chairman of Pensacon.

While no official announcement has been made, there has been progress in nailing down dates for Pensacon 2017.  Pensacon Chairman Mike Ensley says they have moved forward with both the Pensacola Bay Center and the Pensacola Ice Flyers, with help from the Escambia County Commission and have come to the table to talk about the dates Pensacon wanted and how things could be arranged so they can be used. Ensley says it looks like the county is putting its money where its nerd culture is.

  Officials from Pensacon were still getting guests to the airport on the Tuesday after the convention, hoping they could get out of town ahead of the bad weather. "Luckily we got everybody out before the storms hit." said Mike Ensley, who spent the rest of the week taking care of the things you take care of after a huge three day convention.

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In this week’s edition of the Economic Report, Dr. Rick Harper discusses the financial boon this weekend’s Pensacon event should bring to the area, a reduction in jobless claims nationally, and whether recent actions from OPEC could affect gas prices. 

The three-day Pensacon event, which kicks off Friday, is expected to draw thousands of visitors to the downtown area. Harper said Pensacon comes “just at the right time” for area hotels, restaurants and shops. 


Mike Ensley loves talking about Pensacon. Going into its third year, the gathering of science fiction and comic books and cosplay and pop culture in general fans continues to exceed the organizer’s expectations. This year, a new venue has been added to the event. "We've always had the Pensacola Bay Center and the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We added the Saenger Theater last year and this year we the Rex Theater.