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Pensacola State College has been given a major gift from a local couple. “I try to encourage all the youngsters that I know to get an education.” Education has always been important to Ron Miller. The long time Pensacola businessman recently sold his company, Arco Marine and other real estate holdings. With that money, he and his wife Jan have named Pensacola State College as the beneficiary of a $2.5 million Charitable Remainder Unitrust or CRUT.

Qualified accounting majors at Pensacola State College are getting a financial boost from two longtime supporters of the school.

Milton and Dona Usry — he a retired professor from the University of West Florida, she a former member of the PSC Board of Trustees — are donating $100,000 to set up an endowed accounting scholarship in their names.

As Americans celebrate the nation’s 243rd birthday, we take a look at the events surrounding the Independence Day holiday, both then and now.

July 4th, 1776 is commonly known as the day the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Second Continental Congress, freeing the 13 colonies from the rule of King George III.

But was it?

“As a matter of fact, July 2 is the date that the colonies actually voted to move away from the Crown of England,” said Pensacola State College historian Andy Barbero.

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A program that helps students at Pensacola State College transfer to UWF has been renewed and updated. It's called PSC2UWF, and it replaces a similar agreement that was signed in June, 2014. "One of the greatest assets of the Florida higher education system is the close relationship between its state colleges and its universities" said University of West Florida President Dr. Martha Saunders.

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Pensacola State College will be home to a training program for professional staff and boards of non-profit organizations, with help from the Gulf Power Foundation.

The $150,000 grant over five years will lay the groundwork for a Nonprofit Center for Excellence and Philanthropy

“And there’s no better partner for that, in this community we think, than Gulf Power and the Gulf Power Foundation,” says Andrea Krieger, Executive Director of the PSC Foundation.

In honor of Black History Month, Pensacola State College presents a production of two short plays about some of the most well-known figures in the fight for freedom and equal rights for blacks.

The evening features a one-woman performance of Harriet, about former slave and abolitionist Harriett Tubman. Also, there will be a one-man performance of MLK and Mandela.

Lawrence Gamell, Jr. is acting and directing.

Residents in the Florida Panhandle will join the rest of the United States early Wednesday morning, in experiencing a lunar “trifecta” – the first such phenomenon since 1866.

A “Super Blue Blood Moon" is basically a long and complicated way of saying there are three things happening at one time with the moon, according to Lauren Rogers -- an astronomer at Pensacola State College.


As construction rolls on at the VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering aviation plant in Pensacola, company officials and local leaders provided an update on the project on Friday at Pensacola State College.

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward was the M.C. at groundbreaking ceremonies near Pensacola International Airport one year ago.

“Today marks an important milestone for a project that we first started talking about close to five years ago,” Hayward said at the groundbreaking. On Friday at PSC, he spoke of the plant’s role in helping create and bolster a business environment.

After months of anticipation, the first total solar eclipse across the United States in almost four decades did not disappoint – even in areas with some cloud cover, such as Pensacola.

Hundreds gathered at the Planetarium at Pensacola State College to view something nobody in this country had seen since 1979.The moon began moving across the sun just after noon, with peak coverage roughly 82 percent at 1:37 p.m.

Retired PSC astronomer Wayne Wooten had a selection of telescopes on hand, including one antique model that dates back to the start of the Apollo space program.

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The folding of a Pensacola-area historical foundation is providing a lovely parting gift for Pensacola State College.

Just before taking action to dissolve the T.T. Wentworth Jr. Historical Foundation Wednesday afternoon, one of its final acts was to award just over $100,000 to PSC for the creation of The Tom and Rosabel Wentworth Chair in American History.

PSC President Ed Meadows says the name “T.T. Wentworth Jr.” has been synonymous with history and learning for students of all ages.

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Pensacola State College has taken home a prestigious national award for its student tutoring program. The Community College Futures Assembly awarded Pensacola State its 2017 National Bellwether Award for Instructional Programs and Services. At an announcement meeting at the college on Thursday, PSC President Dr. Ed Meadows talked about the awards.

Pensacola State College

What do Pensacola, Boston, Anchorage, Mobile, and Oklahoma City have in common? They’re among 20 communities now added to a White House program to retrain workers for "Twenty-First Century" jobs.

President Obama in March of last year, rolled out TechHire, an initiative powered by Opportunity-at-Work, a nationwide community based movement.

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For many, Pensacola State College is the first step towards acquiring a higher education. As of Wednesday, they’re getting a six-figure boost from Pen Air Federal Credit Union.

While the $100,000 gift represents a nice, round figure, it has another significance for the school. When the next class graduates in a couple of weeks, the number of graduates will exceed 100,000 since opening in 1948 as Pensacola Junior College.

Northwest Florida State College

Dr. Martha Saunders is not the only new institution of higher learning president on the panhandle. Earlier this month the Northwest Florida State College Board of Trustees selected Dr. Devin Stephenson as the fourth president in the college’s 53-year history. He spoke with WUWF's Bob Barrett about his new position.


The second of three “Supermoons” will grace the skies on Monday, and will break some records in its proximity to the Earth.

The first supermoon occurred on October 16, and the year’s third is December 14. The next supermoon will be in August, 2034.

And just what is a “Supermoon?” For that we turn to Wayne Wooten, an astronomer at Pensacola State College who says for starters, the moon’s orbit around Earth is not circular.