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Dr Wayne Wooten: April Skies Of The Gulf Coast

Mar 31, 2021

For April 2021, the last quarter moon is on April 4. The waning crescent passes below Saturn in the dawn on April 6, then below brighter Jupiter on April 7.  It is new on April 11.  The waxing crescent passes below Mars in the evening sky on April 15. First quarter moon is April 19, and the full moon, the Egg Moon, is on April 26.  

March Skies Of The Gulf Coast

Mar 1, 2021

For March 2021, the moon is waning gibbous in the morning sky as the month begins, reaching last quarter on March 6.  The waning crescent in the predawn is just west of Saturn on March 9, then south of Jupiter on March 10.  It is new on March 13, and Sunday March 14 sees the return of Daylight Savings Time.  The waxing crescent passes south of Mars on March 19. The Vernal Equinox begins spring on March 20th at 4:37 a.m. CDT. The first quarter moon is on March 21. The full moon, the Paschal Moon, is on March 28, so the following Sunday is Easter, April 4 for this year.

Bill Ingalls/NASA

This year's winter solstice will bring a rare sight to our night skies  just in time for the holidays. Jupiter and Saturn will begin aligning Wednesday providing an end-of-year celestial treat.

The two planets move into conjunction — that is, alignment — every 20 years. But this year they will be so close, the closest since the Middle Ages,  1226 to be exact. They'll look like a "double planet."

September Skies Of The Gulf Coast

Aug 28, 2020
EAAA President Ed Magowan

For September 2020, the moon is full, the Harvest Moon, on September 1. The waning gibbous moon will be in the dawn sky just above bright red Mars on September 6. The last quarter moon is September 10, rising about midnight. The waning crescent moon passes just north of Venus in dawn skies on September 14, and the moon is new on September 17. The Autumnal Equinox begins fall at 8:31 a.m. September 22. The first quarter moon is on September 23. The waxing gibbous moon is to the lower right of Jupiter on September 24, and to lower left of Saturn on the following evening.