East Hill

‘Walk the Hill’ Warms The Heart

Mar 24, 2020
Courtesy of Abigail Walker

Sunday evening, Abigail Walker stepped outside her East Hill home with her bassoon in hand and played music for passersby.

It was a way for her to connect with her neighbors while still maintaining a safe distance. It was a way to share her music when so many performances have been canceled. As each little group walked or biked past, she felt more connected to the world after two weeks of being self-quarantined with her husband, three boys and the family dog. 

At first, it was just a trickling of people. One of her students drove by in a golf cart. And then more followed. 


I’ve been happy to see the debate over the Taco Bell planned for Cervantes Street in East Hill. Just as with renewed interest in the development of downtown’s west side, and a surprisingly effective challenge to county development plans in Beulah, residents have reawakened to their ability to influence their community’s direction.


One of my favorite aspects of living at Pensacola Beach over the last year was how easy it was to get around on foot or bicycle. Restaurants, shops, bars and recreation are all within easy reach, and the bike path makes walking and biking safe and easy.

My wife and I recently moved into East Hill, and were pleased to discover the same.

There’s no separate bike path in East Hill, and we have found a surprising  number of blocks with limited, or even no, sidewalk. But for a densely populated neighborhood it is remarkably easy, and safe, to navigate without a car.