cyber attacks

UWF Center for Cybersecurity

Reducing or eliminating the chance of another cyber attack on the city of Pensacola is contained in a new report from the firm charged with getting to the bottom of the December invasion.

You could call the attack on the city’s computer systems on December 7 a sort of high-tech Pearl Harbor. City phones, 311 customer service and some online payments were hit by ransomware -- which takes computer data “hostage” with the hackers demanding payment to release it.

The cyber-siege involving the city of Pensacola continues, as does the work to eradicate it. City officials say slowly but surely, the comeback is underway.  

Officials became aware of the cyberattack early Saturday morning, with much of the city's computer systems remaining offline for most of this week. Hit the hardest were city phones, the 311 customer service line and online payment.