COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Jennie McKeon/WUWF Public Media

The City of Pensacola is bringing back some of the COVID-19 precautions from earlier this year to combat the new wave of the virus.

Speaking at his weekly news conference, the mayor said you need not look any further than City Hall to see the new rise in coronavirus numbers.

“We’ve got probably the highest [rate] in some time at the city, not because they actually have COVID, but because they’ve had exposure,” the mayor said. “We also have several people who are awaiting tests, and we find ourselves in an unusual position, but one that’s kind of common these days.”

City of Pensacola

When the Pensacola City Council meets this week, the city’s mask ordinance to battle the coronavirus could become history – for now.

The decision to look into rescinding the order, says Mayor Grover Robinson, is the dropping COVID-19 hospitalization rate.

“Last week, we were at 75 [patients]; we’ve gone 75, then 70, 63-64, 59, and [Sunday] was 50,” said the mayor. “The last time we were this low we were at 44, when we first instituted it. We haven’t been this low since the council passed their mask ordinance.”

City of Pensacola

Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson used a very short, weekly virtual news conference to discuss a potpourri of subjects.

In his roughly eight minutes of prepared script, the mayor updated the numbers on COVID-19 in the city and Escambia County – 2,809 positive cases, according to the state Health Department.

“The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations is at 116 as of July 5,” said Robinson. “For reference, there were 46 COVID-19 hospitalizations exactly one week ago.”