Turkey crisis concerns mount as lira plunge worsens

Aug 10, 2018

(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … A fresh plunge in the Turkish lira today is capping a tumultuous week for the country as investors grow increasingly nervous about inaction from the government and central bankers. With a new economic plan set to be released, we’ll explore what options Turkey has to soothe investors’ frayed nerves.  Then, vacationers in Europe might find themselves waiting at the airport for new flights after Ryanair cancelled planned routes amid a pilot strike. Afterwards, India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, but the local industry is in serious trouble as it tries to balance profits and worker wages in an increasingly competitive market. We’ll take you there and hear from some workers and industry players about the challenges facing their business. Today's show is sponsored by Abby Connect (Abbyconnect.com/morning) and Indeed (Indeed.com/marketplace). (08/10/2018)