FDOT Studies Bayfront Parkway Changes

Jul 30, 2015

Credit Bob Barrett / WUWF News

The Florida Department of Transportation has begun looking at ideas for changes on a major downtown Pensacola roadway. Ian Satter, a spokesman for the Florida department of Transportation says the department is studying ways to increase safety and mobility on Bayfront Parkway. "There are a lot of options out there that we presented to the public".

The intersection of Bayfront Parkway and Ninth Avenue. One proposal is to build a traffic circle here
Credit Bob Barrett / WUWF News

  A total of three public meetings were scheduled to discuss Bayfront Parkway. The second of those meetings was held earlier this week.  Satter says they are seeking input from any and all interested parties about the road because of its importance to the community. Satter says "the road is part of the 'Strategic Intermodal System', which means it's a roadway which connects different major transportation hubs." Those hubs include the seaport, the rial system and I-110.

Satter says some of the proposals for the road include a roundabout at the intersection of Bayfront and Ninth Avenue, additional walk ways and bicycle lanes and perhaps even a complete change in the route the road takes.  For now, all ideas are welcome.

Enhanced pedestrian options are being discussed for Bayfront Parkway
Credit Bob Barrett / WUWF News

As far as the timetable for any changes to Bayfront parkway…don’t start planning alternate routes just yet. Satter says any work would begin after the construction of the new three mile bridge. And that work, which is a totally separate project, begins in 2017. FDOT hopes to have their study complete by the end of this year.