Escambia County School District Introduces Fraud Hotline

Nov 19, 2013

The Escambia County School District has set up a new hotline for reporting fraud and waste. Previously, callers had to provide their name and employee serial number to file a report. The old line went directly to the assistant superintendent of human resource services.

The new hotline will be managed by The Network, a third-party vendor based in Georgia. The new hotline allows callers to make reports anonymously. Although the hotline is intended to receive reports regarding fraud, it will also accept calls regarding student problems. The superintendent, assistant superintendent for human resources, district investigator and director of internal auditing will have access to the raw data collected from callers.

The toll free number to report possible fraud or theft is 1-855-819-1248, or online at

Escambia County School District advertises new fraud hotline.
Credit Escambia Schools