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See 5 planets align in the sky the next few nights


The next few nights, five planets will line up in the sky. Astronomer Erika Grundstrom of Vanderbilt University told us to look to the western horizon just after sunset.

ERIKA GRUNDSTROM: And if you can find Jupiter, which will be quite bright, you'll be able to find Mercury. But you might need binoculars.


Keep scanning up to find Venus.

GRUNDSTROM: It's brighter than anything in the sky besides the sun and the moon. And right next to Venus, you can see Uranus, and it will look slightly greenish. That's one of the awesome things about Uranus.

SUMMERS: You might need binoculars for that one, too - then above that, the crescent moon and orangish Mars.

FLORIDO: Grundstrom pointed out there's no cosmic significance to all this.

GRUNDSTROM: One of my friends likened it to looking at a car's odometer and seeing that they're all fours or they're all fives.

FLORIDO: But it is a chance to marvel at our neighboring worlds. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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